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Rebuild welding automation standards
Establish an industry standard system

Automated  welding Automated  welding
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Based on welding process and material science, we combine the advantages of our product design and software informatization to provide customers with automated products which made from complete production process through independent research and development, hence creating value. With the advantages of our own digital technology, welding process, vision technology and optical inspection, we provide customers with comprehensive automation equipment solutions.
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  • Instrument Welding Solutions

    We provide total solutions for automated welding of diaphragms, valve bodies, housings, fittings and flanges for instrumentation type temperature, level, flow and pressure sensors, etc. 

    Instrument Welding Solutions
  • Hose Welding Solutions

    Complete automated equipment for cutting, flanging, forming and welding of bellows, complete production and solutions for hose clamping, flanging and welding. 

    Hose Welding Solutions
  • Hard Pipe Welding Solutions

    2-axis to 6-axis HI-ARC MACH-ARC ACU-ARC series of automatic welding machines meet the various requirements for automatic welding of straight pipes, pipe flanges, pipe elbows, tee pipes, four-way pipes and valves. 

    Hard Pipe Welding Solutions
  • Robot System Solutions 

    Robot stand-alone machines and systems can adapt to multi-position, multi-angle, multi-curve and high-productivity needs, integrating robot-based intelligent systems of various types, assembly, transport, inspection, welding, processing, packaging, etc.,

    Robot System Solutions 
  • Automated Production Line 

    With product quality and production capacity as the center, combined with the company's technical advantages design, development and production of high-efficiency automated equipment line contains assembly, transport, testing, welding, processing, packagi

    Automated Production Line 
Welding Machines
With 23 years of technology accumulation in related industries, we have developed and produced HI-ARC, MACH-ARC, AUC-ARC and RUBOST-ARC series of automatic welding machines and welding related auxiliary equipment for instrumentation, metal hoses, piping equipment, automotive motor equipment, etc.
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Our company is based on welding process and material science combined with automatic control technology, and the technical advantages of welding-related industries to develop and produce welding automation equipment, robotic systems and automation equipment as a whole. We serve the aerospace, military, new energy automotive, semiconductor equipment, 3C industry, medical equipment, instrumentation, chemical, petroleum and steel and cement industries.
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New Energy Vehicle
New Energy Vehicle
Consumer Electronics
Consumer Electronics
Precision Manufacturing
Precision Manufacturing
Military / Aerospace 
Military / Aerospace 
Multi-industry Practice - Drive Smart Manufacturing!
HI-MACH helps over 500 companies directly improve their manufacturing execution capabilities, fully exploit the value of execution, and drive constant progress of enterprises.  
An industry leader in welding automation
A R&D and production oriented company which focusing on technological research, innovation, and development in the field of automation
5+ Well-known technical team
22 years of industry experience
30+ Professional R&D personnel
240+ Honors and Patents
18000+ Service Cases
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